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A portion of the proceeds from every project support Art From The Heart.  AFTH provides art supplies to underfunded teachers in low-income schools with discontinued art programs.

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Creating a Classroom of Artists!

My students need these items to complete art projects. We do not have an art program at our school. The colored square pastels will be used in may of the projects off the website.  

My Students

This will be for my future students for the 2018-2019 school year. I honestly don't know a lot of good things about them, which makes me a little sad. This is my 2nd year at this school and i came into the 2017-2018 school year in November of 2018.

I can say that although I have not heard great things about them regarding behavior, I know they will do fine in 3rd grade.

I am excited for my new year and for new faces!

My Project

I currently teach at a school that does not have an art program. There are plenty of students who enjoy art and all the creativity that comes alone with it. I have decided to incorporate art into our week by finding an art curriculum that they will enjoy. They will learn about warm and cool colors, Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and Op Art, just to name a few.

I chose to incorporate art due to how many students I have drawing and coloring in class during free time.

This told me that they are interested and would be willing to learn.

Colored Square Pastels, Watercolor Painting Kit and Oil Pastels will be used to create different projects such as a personal archaeology painting, silhouettes drawing and a crazy hair painting. Yarn and beads will be used in a project called Yarn Weaving Cup.


Dear Art of Floors,

I must start by saying thank you for your generous donation to my class. I was overjoyed with my project being funded so quickly. As I stated in my project proposal, my school does not have an art teacher so art is left us to the General Education teacher, which is me. My students and I are using the materials to discover different artists that have not heard of. One artist we studied is named M.C. Escher who is famous for creating lots of different kinds of Op Art. They watched a presentation on him and his artwork. We later took 2 class sessions to complete the Op Art.

When we began this project I have a few students who had a hard time with drawing lines with a ruler. This was a teaching moment for them. They would get a little frustrated when it didn't turn out correct but with some practice they were able to draw straight lines. Another thing I could teach during this 1st lesson was following directions. Many of them wanted to move ahead without all the instructions because they where excited about the end result. This was a teachable moment as well.

When my students first received the package they literally screamed with excitement. I have so many who are always drawing in class. We only had a few supplies before then, which basically consisted of markers, colored pencils and crayons. So these new additions were much appreciated. I had to teach them how to use some of the materials such as the compass. Many had never seen one before and they of course used it wrong the first time. Once they learned, I had circles being drawn everywhere.

The next steps for my students are to tell me art activities they would like to create. I also plan to find some art contest that they may enter in to around town or have an art contest for my school.

With gratitude,
Ms. Turner

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for funding my project! This means the world to me and my students. They will finally be able to participate in art on a regular basis. This will help so many of my students who have an artistic outlet and those who may be curious but never got a chance to try.

With gratitude,
Ms. Turner


Marvelous Murals! Help Our Students Make Their School Beautiful!

Help me give my students with autism the paints and brushes needed to create collaborative murals!

My Students

Each and every day I am inspired by a group of talented, soon to be famous artists--my students. I teach art at a specialized school for students with Autism, in Brooklyn, New York. Building social and communication skills through the arts is part of our school's mission statement. A common language, art gives them a a voice and an equal opportunity for self-expression. For this reason I am always looking for exciting collaborative art projects. With the right supplies and materials, my students' creativity knows no bounds!

My Project

My students amaze me with their incredible talent in art. I love filling our school hallways with their colorful paintings and drawings, and watching them take pride in their work. It is heartwarming to listen to students talk to their teachers, family, and friends about their art and say with confidence, "I made that!" This year we are learning how professional artists work together and focusing on collaboration in the art room.

Painting murals will make our school hallways come alive while building social and communication skills through collaborative art making.

With the resources from Donors Choose--mural paints and brushes--students will create murals throughout our school. They will learn how artists communicate and work together to design and implement such a large painting.

Your generous donation will give students with autism the opportunity to create something beautiful for their school community. The experience will strengthen team-building and provide students with the chance to proudly announce together, "We made that!"


Dear Art of Floors,

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation to our project. The impact has been incredible. Because of your generosity, students are transforming their once drab halls into brilliant, colorful masterpieces. You have not only brightened the lives of our students, but of our entire school community.

Students have been learning a lot about mural artists from around the world in this year in art. But it wasn't until we began to paint directly on the wall, that the concept of mural painting truly resonated. They were thrilled! Many students commented that they had never painted on a wall before and that it was "soooo awesome" or "super cool." Several students, especially my graduating seniors, asked if it would really be on the wall "forever," and stated how proud they were that students would see their artwork for years to come. And a few whispered, "are we going to get in trouble for this? Did you get permission???"

Our first mural is inspired by the bold designs of South African artist Esther Mahlangu. Students studied the artist's traditional Ndebele techniques and then created a design on the wall outside of the art room. The special mural paint that you helped fund was perfect! Over 70 students were involved with our first mural, each one painting in a chosen section of the design. They loved working together to mix colors and communicate how to balance light and dark colors, warm and cool colors, etc.

They are incredibly proud of their mural, and we hope you enjoy seeing the finished painting. But we aren't finished yet! This mural was just the start. Students have received so many compliments on their first project and several teachers have requested murals in their hall. Our students have been enthusiastically designing their next marvelous mural - featuring everything from lions and unicorns to superheroes and anime.

Thank you again for donating to our project and transforming our school. Thank you for allowing my students to dream big and paint bigger. Thank you for making this all possible!

With gratitude,
Ms. Robinson

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for being part of our mural project. I am thrilled to finally post some of the photos of our mural. We had so much fun, and our painting is even more beautiful than imagined. We hope that you enjoy it! Thank you again for your support!

Painting Like Picasso!

Help me give my students the necessary supplies to continue their creative adventures!

My Students

I teach kindergarten - 6th grade Art at a Title I school in south central Phoenix, AZ.

100% of students receive free breakfast and lunch.

This is my second year teaching at RMR. Last year I started the art program from the ground up. We have been flourishing ever since!

As we work our way into the second semester of school, our art supplies are running low. My students and I absolutely love getting creative!

We share a passion for painting and we’re always getting crafty.

By sharing my passion and education in the arts, my students are engaging and creating epic pieces of art.

My Project

If we are able to get these materials my students will be able to continue their creative adventure through the arts. My students absolutely love painting, not only do they enjoy the application of paint to a surface but they love creating new colors by mixing and blending. Often times the kiddos will compare mixing paint, to science. They say, “It’s like we’re artistic scientists doing a color experiment!”.

This excitement in the classroom needs to continue.

My students and I just need a little help with obtaining more materials.

If we are able to get the materials my students and I will be able to further explore the formal Elements of Art and Principles of Design.


Dear Art of Floors,

My students and I are beyond thankful to have received such great support by your donations. We are currently using the paint, canvas and paper. I sketched out several images on the stretched canvas and I am having my students paint the images. This project has helped my students visualize an epic masterpiece and they're able to see it come to life with guided instruction and skill.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have received all the amazing materials. My students were eustatic to see all of the new supplies! We will be implementing paint into several projects. We are also currently working on clay sculptures, for which we will be painting once they are complete.

We are now able to continue learning and painting our creative hearts out! The new materials we have received will change our classroom, bettering it and allowing us to prosper as artists. It's very important that children have time to be creative and express themselves with art. Our brains literally need creativity, especially during child and adolescent development. It is crucial to engage in the arts and now we have been given the necessary materials to do so. Thank you!

With gratitude,
Ms. Hein

Art Supplies for Art History Lessons

Help me give my students art supplies that will allow them to create and display their self-portraits!

My Students

This will be my first year teaching at this school and I will be teaching a 4th/5th combination class. I hope to facilitate a positive learning environment through student-centered curriculum. I will teach lessons meant to embolden students and build upon their assets as a class. Student voice and choice is of utmost importance to me as an educator. The materials I am requesting will be so helpful to my classroom environment, thank you for supporting our community of learners.

My Project

One of my favorite subjects to teach is Art History. In conjunction with these lessons, I have my students create artwork that emulates the style of the artist we are studying. It is imperative to me that students can truly represent how they view themselves in their self-portrait work.

Oftentimes, I see students using colors that are unlike their skin tone for self-portraits, because the proper materials aren't provided.

That is the reason I have included the multicultural markers and crayons in this project. The laminator's purpose is to protect their work and the magnets will be used for display. This class set will be useful for years to come! Thank you for considering donating to a new teacher.


Dear Art of Floors,

Thank you so much for you generosity in donating to my classroom for my Art History Supplies. Most Friday afternoons we do an Art History lesson. After the lesson, students create an art piece that is in the style of the artist or art period we studied. I laminate pieces that students want to keep protected and we display our pieces using the magnets provided. My students absolutely love channeling their creativity into artwork and I am deeply grateful that they have the opportunity to express themselves.

With gratitude,
Ms. Herkert

SmART Third Graders

Help me give my students a variety of art medias to work with!

My Students

When my students come into my classroom, they are coming from all different backgrounds and home lifes. They want a safe place to learn and feel accepted. From day one we talk about "ish" ("Ish" by Peter Reynolds is my inspiration). "ish" is in the very fiber of our class. Each child comes in thinking they aren't good, they aren't perfect, but I want them to see that they are "ish".

They are a work in progress.

They are a work in progress just like their art skills, reading abilities, and everything else they try to achieve.

With having a small budget for a years worth of classroom supplies and the low income area we live in, I try to use that budget for everything they need to succeed, which leaves not a lot for anything else.

My Project

Art is getting lost in so many classrooms as the push for Math, ELA and Science is prevalent. Printmaking, ceramics, origami, mixed media are only a few of the items on my list of art ideas for my students to learn. I want my students to learn about Master Artists from all different time periods. By using the canvas they can paint like real artists instead of just on paper. They can sculpt with the wire and clay to be like Michelangelo. They can create animals out of origami paper and use the charcoal to get messy.

Georgia O'Keefe once said, "I found I could say things with art that I couldn't say any other way-which I had no words for."

I want my students to express themselves within art and see they do not have to conform to anyone's ideas and their art doesn't have to look like their classmates.

My hope in getting this funded is that they can experience and create many different pieces which they will be proud of and can show to many of their friends and family members. I also hope that being able to do all of these things it will make my students become lifelong learners of the Arts and push them to do creative things in their future!


Dear Art of Floors,

I am sorry this Thank You has taken so long to get to you. We as a class have been busy learning about and then working with all the items you graciously helped us get. My students were ecstatic to open the boxes and see all the items inside! They were impressed by the roll of canvas, wondered if we were going to paint our windows with the window paint, and couldn't wait to use the charcoal pieces and pencils!

We used many of the products for our weekly art lessons until testing got in our way. We learned about Chihuly who is a glass blowing artist up in Seattle. I put the wire into circles and they painted the circles with the window paint. Once it dried they were able to make their own "glass" sculpture! It was wonderful! With the charcoal we first started looking at artist renderings of charcoal drawings and then watched videos of how to use the charcoal properly. I do believe my favorite project though was using the canvas. We were able to cut it into 11x14 sheets, spray them with paint, and then incorporate ELA onto it by writing a poem about themselves! They were blown away that their artwork could do that!

These items allowed me to bring more art into my classroom. I was told by one mom, "I haven't seen a teacher do this much art before." This statement both saddens me and excites me. It saddens me because I think art is an influential part of a child's life and excites me because I couldn't have done it without your help! Thank you!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Morton


Last Chance for Art

Help me give my students the opportunity to experience an authentic, artistic educational experience.

My Students

I teach at a public charter school in Baltimore City. My students for the first semester are graduating seniors who need an art credit to graduate this school year. My students are 97% African American with little to no former experience with fine/visual art.

My students are eager to participate in creating works of art that exhibit and validate their humanity, experiences and existence.

Our current curriculum is centered in culturally relevant and responsive practices. The students are at the center of all learning and teaching. The visual arts will serve as a catalyst and outlet for multiple means of self expression. These forms of self expression will allow students to reflect on issues associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences, identity, equity and a number of other issues that children currently face.

It is my hope that before graduation my students will experience a complete and fulfilling course in the visual arts. I can, in no way, make up for lost time however, I have no doubt that with the assistance of your contribution we can make this school year one to remember as senior students leave us to tackle the world outside of the classroom.

My Project

These materials will be used specifically to address issues of trauma, equity, identity and self reflection. Students will engage in a visual dialogue that exhibits their truths as it pertains to growing up and living in West Baltimore. We will illustrate with visual representation the good, bad, and real.

Students deserve to have access to supplies and resources that will assist them in validating their humanity and lived experiences.

Unfortunately, art supplies are not a priority for many schools that operate with a shoestring budget. As a result, we are attempting to gain access to art supplies by applying for assistance via

One of their assignments requires students to craft masks of their faces. They will create these masks only after studying the work of W.E.B. Dubois, Maya Angelou, Paul Lawrence Dunbar and James Baldwin. The will be asked to start with the student in the mirror to create the reality they desire.


Dear Art of Floors,

We thank you for your support. We will put your donation to good use this school year. The students are eager to begin creating work that validates their lived experiences. Unfortunately, the arts are the first to go when schools have budget issues. Thank goodness for Donor's Choose and thank you.

With gratitude,
Mr. Shaw


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